*Good web design isn't necessarily a matter of opinion. Good design projects (web or otherwise) have a purpose — a reason for the undertaking. And we should be able to measure the results of your investment — to know if we've been successful. [TL; DR... See below for more Design Manifesto.]

Good design needs to be more than just 'nice to look at'

Make no mistake: I love creating eye-catching designs. But a beautifully branded site won't necessarily support your business goals.

Good design meets the objectives that launched the project in the first place.

So... What are the objectives for YOUR next project?

  • Attract new business
  • Nurture existing clients
  • Capture new sign-ups for your blog
  • Drive traffic to your retail location
  • Provide a forum for team members
  • Streamline support of your customers
  • Make your site easier to use
  • Improve your ad conversion rate
  • Sell more stuff
  • Position your brand

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